Monday, March 4, 2013

One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy

I wasn't real sure about this book when looking through my choices of new release in the Romance section.  But I have to tell you this is not just another book in which the couple pretend to be something to later fall in love.  There are so many turns in the road and wow I guess I would call them maybe even wrecks in the road.   She takes what has become somewhat expected in a lot of erotic romance novels and puts a spin on it.  These characters are written so well that you feel for them as someone you know.  You will laugh, cry, hate (oh yes you will hate the wicked witch of west), and of course need to calm your speeding heart as you read the hot scenes. I absolutely loved this book and will be patiently awaiting the next book in the series. 

M-Monica Murphy writes
R-Romance Novels with
L-love scenes and
W-Wandering what will happen next?

And the Marshmallow is just a hint you have to go read the book!

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