Friday, March 15, 2013

Suicide Note by Teresa Mummert

I love books that make you feel all kinds of emotions and this one did!  Empathy, anger, love, scared, joy, sadness, but yet had me laughing in appropriate spots too!  The story alternates between Jenn's and Shanes POV.  I don't always like this style of writing but she makes it work.  The story begins with both of them telling you a little about themselves.  Jenn comes from a family that well let's just say this they are all about how the appear to the world.  Not Jenn really, but her sister and mother are only about themselves.  So much that her sister actually steals Jenn's dream from her.  Shane had somewhat of a different upbringing in that his father had left when he was very young and his mother was gone by the time he was six.  He was raised by his Aunt and Uncle.  Both of them share being badly hurt by someone they love.  But they are stronger than they give themselves credit for.     Shane is in the military and maybe this story touches me more because my husband was in the military but I enjoyed every word of it.  Oh yes and Thanks to Teresa Mummert for the puffy red eyes the next morning after finishing the book at 2 am.  Yes it's that kind of book. Just can't put it down.  So go check it out and enjoy!

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