Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kristen Proby does it yet again with Play with Me

Just finished Play with Me the 3rd book by Kristen Proby in the With me in Seattle Series.  "WOW WOW WOW"  she had done it yet again.  I have loved every single one of these books but I really think Will oops I mean this is my favorite.  Will is the brother of Jules and he is a hot mouth dropping, pantie wetting, make you forget what you were typing, football playing hunk of an alpha male.  Oh by the way a few times he is even an "arrogant a$$" but doesn't really mean to be.  Megan is a college friend of Jules and Nat.  She has had one heck of a life but is a independent woman that isn't going to take crap from a "football star".  She is a nurse on a Cancer unit in the local Children's hospital and absolutely loves her patients but is also a very talented singer.  Due to her difficult life and trust issues she has a very hard time saying those 3 little words....So does she ever??   Guess you will just have to read it yourself.

I love yet again how Proby continues to bring out a new story but still keeps the ones from the first books in the background.  Here's a hint there may be a wedding/birth of a baby are involved in this book somewhere but it's not Meg and Will's but if you have read the other's you will know.  So if you have read the other books please go get this one because it will not disappoint.  And if you haven't read the others than WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??


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