Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hot Hot Hot!!!!

Warning reading these books in public may make you blush!

Just remember you have been warned!  LOL!  I just finished reading Conviction, Tempatation and Addicted (Club Destiny Series) by Nicole Edwards.  And wow I think the sex scenes in these books are hotter than Fifty Shades of Gray.  I know most are asking how that is possible well let me give you the PG version.  Conviction is the love story of Logan and Samantha (however I substitute my name for her several times, well ok all through out the book lol)  Oh did I forget the most important part.....Logan has an identical twin brother named Luke.  The second book is the story of Luke, Sierra, and Cole and if you think the first book was on fire oh just wait until you get into this one.  The third or 2.5 if you will is a novella that gets you back up to date with Logan and Angi (oops I mean Samantha) but also keeps you informed on what is going on with Luke, Sierra, and Cole.  The next book due out February 28th! 

This is my Luke and Logan.....

Ok so I watch HGTV....  Enjoy reading!

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