Monday, February 18, 2013

The Disarm Series

If you like a book about a hot man in uniform and the love of his life than pick up or download the Disarm Series by June Gray.  This series is about Henry and Elsie.  They have been lifetime friends.  They grew up together and have always had feelings for each other but don't act on them until after Elsie's brother and Henry's best friend is killed in action.  Each book shows you how they jump all of the hurdles in their lives to be together or not to be together.  These books will make you cry sometimes from heartbreak sometimes for happiness but that's what makes a great book.  The best part is you can get all 6 books now and also if you check out June Gray's blog she has another short story on there for free that gives you an update of where they are now.  But DON'T read that until you read the books because it may spoil it for you.  Can't wait for more great things to come from this author.

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